Gin Shots Quartet

It’s an exciting time for Gin and Harmonics.  We have “harmonic minors” being born left, right and centre and it seems that in a few years Naomi’s dreams of having her own youth choir will be achieved. But, despite big changes for some of us, we are all still committed to both gin and harmonics, and so you may now sometimes see us singing in a “shorter measure”.  Our Gin Shots quartet and Botanicals trio have been bringing high spirited singing to audiences when the rest of us were home singing lullabies.

The Hand in Hand festival in Manchester last summer was the debut performance of the Gin Shots. With so many fond memories of the last Hand in Hand festival in Brighton, we were delighted to have another chance for a brilliant knees-up and sing-song with some of our favourite choirs.  We were also chuffed to debut two new songs.  The first was this gorgeous arrangement of Weakness in Me.

And moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, we love this new addition to our repertoire which captures the feeling you get when you know an amazingly talented, charming and beautiful woman… and then you see who she is going out with.

You can see the Gin Shots back in action in all their fierceness this summer at the Street Choirs Festival where we’ve been invited to sing in the opening concert at the Brighton Dome on 29th June 2018.