An “Outstanding Performance”!

VFUK-LogoWe had great fun this weekend singing at the Voice Festival where we were finalists in the community choir competition and where (drum-roll, please) we were completely chuffed to win the award for outstanding performance! Whoop!  We got a certificate and everything. Last time most of us got a certificate it was for a bronze swimming award, so this was very emotional.



Our alto powerhouse

Our brilliant second altos also got a special mention for adding in some rhythm and really rounding out our sound.   We think their rousing rendition of dng-ch-dng-ga-d-dng-ch-dk-a-doo-doo in Kiss the Girl was what really caught the judges ears.  None of the rest of us know how they can do it solidly for three minutes without falling over and judging by the look they gave me when I asked, we wont be finding out their secret any time soon.!


It is always good to hear other choirs at these events and our fellow participants didn’t disappoint.  In the Smoke were on fire with their smooth tone, rich arrangements and imaginative choreography, while we just loved Academix A Cappella for their style, humour and a brilliant rendition of Shake It Off!  The Few were also there (they seemed more like the Many to us!) and they pulled out an engaging performance that the audience really enjoyed.

Also exciting was that we had our own dressing room – with our name on the door and everything. It even came with a convenient place to store our gin.


The only problem in the whole day is that we had forgotten to bring any tonic.  Not that such a trifling problem stopped Kate, of course.  A big thank you to everyone at the Voice Festival for making the event such fun!


Come and hear us this weekend!

We are very excited that on Sunday we will be taking part in the Voice Festival weekend!  We’re looking forward to singing alongside the mighty In the Smoke, the stylish Academix A Cappella and a cappella’s baker’s dozen The Few.

They say that preparation is the key to success, so we have put together a clear plan to make sure we are ready on Sunday:

  1. Tonight: Empty the gin bottles
  2. Tomorrow: Tune the gin bottles
  3. Sunday: Hope some harmonics show up!