Tasting notes: Opihr and Perpetuum Jazzile’s Africa

It is pouring outside so we’re pouring a gin.  Welcome to the first in our series where we recommend a fabulous pairing of one of our favourite gins with an equally brilliant a cappella performance to drink it to.

Up first, in honour of the monsoon that has been unleashed outside, we bring you the spicy warmth of Opihr with its overtones of peppers, cumin, orange, cardamon and coriander.  This sounds like it might be a bit too much but somehow the master distillers pull it off and we love the cosiness of a cool glass of Opihr.  Definitely one to enjoy when it is cold and miserable out there.

Apparently Opihr was the name of a legendary land, in the time of King Solomon, which provided silver, gold and spices.  All we can think is that King Solomon was a fool not to also demand delicious gin.

So, grab a glass, add a slice of ginger to spice it up even further and settle down to listen to the brilliant Perpetuum Jazzile’s performance of Africa.  We love the way they so brilliantly evoke the storm at the beginning and then, when the beatbox and the singing kick in, we’ve left our grey, urban landscape behind and are transported.



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